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It seems like there's no clear expectations of what a good team-making/co-founding experience is supposed to look like. One problem with the online/tinder dating model is that it makes people very disposable. On the one hand, this person may be the most important factor in building a successful business, BUT you can totally just remove them from your life in one click/swipe lol. It feels so wrong. There's no little opportunity to earn each other's commitments. And that takes time, which goes against our instant gratification urges. But maybe this is a situation where "slow is smooth, smooth is fast".

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Love the Ira Glass quote, and agree with the caveat that your taste might also start out awful but hopefully refines and changes over time. It's the commitment that really gets the momentum going. Honestly, people that can't commit to finishing things annoy the

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Btw, I really like the multidimensionality of strikethroughs, interrupted sentences, speech-like writing. You have an amazing writing style and it shows your personality. You rant a lot, yet it's uplifting. Keep sharing please!

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This is another great and thought-through long-form article. I love the techie perspective, here is the business perspective on weird techie expectations:

- "I just want to build, you come up with the business"

- "I've built this app that anyone could build in a few weeks and now I need someone to market this ready-made product"

- "I have this crappy SaaS but can't get growth."

More general things on YC CFM that don't happen at EF:

- fucked captable

- non 50-50 split on early projects

- looking for an employee-type relationship rather than a cofounder

- someone only doing 1/5 FTE and waiting "until it takes off" to commit more

- sebastianism (or as you call it manic pixie dream cofounder)

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